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  Member Volvos :

PV653 - 1933

TR679 - 1934

PV658 - 1935

PV56 - 1939

P1900 - 1956

TP21_P2104 - 1956

Duett - 1958

PV444 V6 - 1958

122 Project - 1959

PV544 Rally - 1960

PV544 Rally - 1961

PV544 Race - 1962

PV544 Rally - 1964

122S Cabrio - 1963

121 Project - 1963

221 Estate - 1963

220 Estate - 1965

121 Amazon - 1966

122 Amazon - 1966

122S Mod - 1966

123GT - 1967

123GT USA - 1967

123GT - 1968

Duett - 1968

122S Mod - 1968

122S Mod 1 - 1968

122S Super - 1968

122S Race - 1968

122S Japan - 1969

1800 Mod - 1964

1800S - 1969

1800E Mod - 1971

1800ES Show 1973

1800ES USA 1973

144S Mod - 1967

142 Race - 1969

142 Rally - 1970

142 Auto - 1970

144S - 1971

145 Express - 1971

144 Race - 1973

164TE - 1974

Laplander - 1974

C306 Firetruck

245GL - 1978

242GT - 1980

242R  6cyl - 1980

262C Bertone - 1980

240T Mod - 1982

284 V8 Mod - 1982

240GL - 1987

240GLT - 1988

360GLT - 1989

440GLT - 1994

480GT Turbo - 1995

740GL - 1989

780C Diesel - 1986

780C Diesel - 1988

780C B230 - 1988

780C Bertone - 1989

850GLT - 1995

850T5R Mod - 1995

960 - 1995

965T16V - 1992

965GLE - 1993

V70 - 1998

S70 - 2000

V70 Van - 2000

S90Ex - 2001

V40TD - 2002

S60 Chall - 2002

S60T5 - 2003

V70TD - 2002

90XC - 2003

C70T5 - 2007

V50 R design - 2009


2000 Volvo V70 Van
(This page has been prepared by the owner of this car, Norwegian member Per E.Backe)


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This is the story, of my Best Car Ever!

My Volvo adventure started when I was 6 years old, eh, in fact it started some years before that, but too small to remember...

In 1981 my dad bought the family a brand new off-white Volvo 240 DL Wagon. A premium car.. He had that one until I got 16, then he planned to sell it, but he thought I should have a safe and good car when I got my license, so the 240 entered the garage until I got 17. Then I could start the driving practice with my folks. Then I got my license at my 18th birthday, and a wonderful Volvo 240 Wagon. I was the King of the Road, The World... You name it! It was still good looking, fresh paint, no scratches, no nothing! This one gave me some adventures I won’t forget, and a lot of experience I'd never thought I ever get... Like that night I got hit on my left front wheel by a Nissan Primera at about 60 km/h, and my  God what a tank I had. The repair on my car ended up costing me 16.000 NOK (US$2100), but for the Nissan owner, 90.000 NOK!!! (US$12.000) He swore that he would never buy another Nissan again. (I guessed he went to the Volvo dealer.. Hihi) So after  two years of adventures, it was time for me to join the Norwegian Royal Guard, and I did sell my first love. It wasn't easy, but had to be done...

Since then I had a couple of other cars, but the long looks I gave to the Volvos I saw just said, GET YOURSELF A VOLVO! It took some years, but better late than never!

In the beginning of 2003 I felt the need for a car, I'm sorry, a Volvo. So I swept the internet and the markets... I knew what I wanted. V70. I'd always like the wagons.. Don't know why, but I just like them. Plenty of space, practical and I think they look good! Found out in May that a friend I knew was about to sell her V70. So I took a look at it, and there it was. My next love!  2000 model, V70 Van, Leather interior, ECC, Cruise, automatic, power windows all over, aluminium dashboard details, fuel powered engine heater... All I need! All I want!

Van you might ask? Well... From a couple of years ago, we could register wagons as vans, with green plates, other cars have white plates, and take out the back seats, set up a screen/wall behind the front seats, and get the car a lot cheaper than a 5 seated wagon. So cars like Audi A6, Volvo V70, Audi S4/S6/RS4, Subaru Outback/Legacy/Forester, Opel Omega, Mercedes E Class, would be a lot cheaper. But still expensive compared to other countries.

In 2000, a V70 costs from approx. 450.000 NOK and up. (US$60.000) A V70 Van (2 seater) would cost around 320.000 NOK (US$42.000). With the engine that I have in my V70 (2,4 - 140 HP) The prices haven't changed that much since... But we can't register wagons as vans anymore. :o(

So in June this summer, my dreams came true! 170.000 NOK (US$22.500) I paid for it, and I am very satisfied with that! Lots of car for that money!  As you might understand, I haven't used my V70 that much yet, but so much that I can say I never regretted that I bought this one. I was told at the sale that the car had a roll over out in the forest one time, but the repair was very well done, and wasn't a lie! The local Volvo dealer had a look at it, and asked me what I paid for it, and said "You got yourself a good deal !" when I told him the price I paid. But I have driven 10.000 km with it in 3 months!  And I just love too drive it... So more kms to come !

Planning a trip down in Europe next year maybe. Do Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain and England.. That will eat up some kilometres ! Something tells me to put on some "17 rims next year, and lower it a couple of centimeters... I won't deny that ! IT will be done... Pics will follow. :o)


V70van13.jpg (76464 bytes)

V70van5.jpg (44333 bytes)

Model :
Built in :
Engine :
compression :
Power :
Torque :
Transmission :

Fuel :
Brakes :
Tyres/ Wheels :
V70 2,4 S (Van)
5 cyl. Inline alu, 20 V (B 5244S2)
103 kw/140HP @ 5700 rpm
220 @ 3750 rpm
Automatic - AW 42L w/ Lockup (thinking gear box with winter program)
91-98 unleaded only (68 litre capacity)
Discs, Ventilated front disks.
205/55-16 Michelin Sport on Volvo Perfo "16 rims.

V70van17.jpg (73794 bytes)

Equipment : Power windows X 4
Aluminium dashboard details
Dark grey leather interior
Leather steering wheel
Fuel powered engine heater
Cruise control
ECC (Electronic Climate Control) Air
Fog lamps
Airbag X 2
Automatic gearbox
Car Computer (Average speed/Fuel
usage/Temp/Trip etc)
Icy Conditions Warner

Price when new : 320.000 NOK ($US42.000)

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