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PV653 - 1933

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TP21_P2104 - 1956

Duett - 1958

PV444 V6 - 1958

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122S Cabrio - 1963

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221 Estate - 1963

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123GT - 1967

123GT USA - 1967

123GT - 1968

Duett - 1968

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144 Race - 1973

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Laplander - 1974

C306 Firetruck

245GL - 1978

242GT - 1980

242R  6cyl - 1980

262C Bertone - 1980

240T Mod - 1982

284 V8 Mod - 1982

240GL - 1987

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440GLT - 1994

480GT Turbo - 1995

740GL - 1989

780C Diesel - 1986

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960 - 1995

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1987 Volvo 240GL "Sven-Göran"
(This page has been prepared by the owner of this car, Norwegian member Erling Brox)


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In March 2002, I got a call from my father. The 240GL he bought new in 1987 and had maintained very meticulously was starting to develop an attitude. It did not always start when it should, coughed during acceleration etc. "Easy stuff", I told him. "Have it tuned up and it will last you for 15 more years, easily." Well, he reckoned that at 74, he did not want to be bothered with a troublesome old car. Why shouldn't he treat himself with a brand new car? He was right of course, so he got a new Peugeot, and the Volvo was up for grabs. 

Now, there's a thing you should know about this particular 240: It is as clean as a family car in normal use can possibly be. It has lived most of its life in the garage. Taken out, waxed, and backed in again. 76 K miles on the clock when I got it. As my dad lost both hands in an accident at work when he was a couple of years younger than my present age (he used to be an electrical engineer, and one day 60,000 Volts got astray), this car has auto tranny, power steering and power windows -- standard equipment for US cars, but over here that's pretty out of the ordinary for cars this old.

As cars in my country are regarded by the government as a heavily punishable luxury, car taxation is taken to the utmost extreme. So having done the offence of getting a car, you'd better make it last as long as possible. In the seventies/eighties/early nineties there were few better starting points than a Volvo 240. Still isn't, come to think of it.

With this background you may understand my decision that this car should not be sold out of the family, so I grabbed it when given the chance. I did not have any clear ideas of what to do with it, as we do not really need two cars. My line of reasoning was that in a couple of years time our oldest son will be old enough to drive, and also that I would find it nice to be able to drive to work every now and then in the monsoon season instead of always having to bike. As we live a 6 min. bike ride from my office, and my wife got 9 km to hers - she's got our car.

Her response? "Do we really need to fill up the garage with two cars?" "We don't even drive 10,000 km a year with the one we got (6 K miles), it's nothing to split on two cars!" And so she had landed on "the obvious" conclusion: "We sell our (recently purchased new) Passat, of course!" So this was how long I had my very first very own car, at the age of 47: From I got it from my father when at work, until I told the wife during dinner. Well. She did have a point, and the Passat was consequently sold. I was in fact happy to see it go, after the first week of owning it I knew that modern cars simply don't do it for me.

Since then I have developed from a standard, middle-aged husband and father with an OK job, newish car and a few other outward symbols of having got past the struggling phase where the expenses exceed the income - to a guy stopping by the local junkyard once a month, slyly making the Sunday family outings past places where I heard there might be a set of used Virgo wheels to be found. I log into the Brickboard Bulletin Board a couple of times each day, I am hoarding new and used parts in the garage, I am in the process of rebuilding the suspension - to my immense satisfaction for simply being able to.

Perhaps my neighbours are thinking I have fallen on bad times; I could not care less. At work, my colleagues are busy counting their money to see if they can afford to replace their Audi A4's with A6's; a sport I am totally out of. I am just having a great time with my old Brick -- even if I only get to drive it in the weekends. A large bit of sentimentality is admittedly also a part of this, as I am the keeper of the car my parents had for 15 years: My younger sisters were taken to their confirmation ceremonies and later to their weddings in this car. My parents have had great holiday trips, both home and abroad, in this car. In late 2001 I drove my father to my mother's funeral in this car. I hope you catch a glimpse of my reasons for wanting to keep this car in great shape forever. 


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Make :
Model :
Built in :
Engine :
Compression :
Power :
Torque :
Fuel :
Transmission :
Brakes :
Tyres/Wheels :

Equipment :

Price when new :
4 cylinders, 2316cc B230K, Solex Carb
116hp @ 5100rpm
19,6 kpm @ 2500 rpm
Unleaded 93 Petrol
AW70 3-speed + O/D Auto
Summer: 195/60/15 on Volvo Virgo rims
Winter: 175/80/14 on Volvo steel rims
and 185/65/15 on Virgo rims
Power front windows
Power steering
Trailer hitch
Engine block and saloon heater w/timer
Burglar alarm
Headrest cushions
Front side windows wind deflectors
Trunk lid handle
200,857 NOK (27,900 US$)

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