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Volvo Adventures is an independent New Zealand based resource for the older Volvo models

Volvo Links

This page will give you access to all good Volvo Web sites around the World.

Part Suppliers   International Link Page by Volvo Adventures NZ
120 Amazon Site Peter and Huib Amazon restoration site
120 Amazon French Amazon Rally site Val d'Arroux Rallye
120 Amazon Project Grassrootsmotorsports building a racer
120 Amazon Volvo Mission, Peking - Paris (2013)  in a 1968 Volvo Amazon
Volvo Amazon Picture Gallery
Amazon - P1800 - PV/Duett
1800ES Register Netherlands
1800 Register P1800 France - in French of course but great pictures
1800/120 Club - Australia 1800 and 120 models, 123GT Register
240 Tic In Swedish by Danne Engberg
262C Bertone Dutch Register
Volvo 300 Club Dutch Club for 300 series Volvos, in Dutch, lots of info
300 Mania an excellent Belgian web site by Aymat
VOLVONEWS Belgium (in Dutch)
S60 Site
480 Club Europe Excellent site with good Forum
740T racing site by Dick Prince, Australia
850 Club Netherlands in Dutch only
EuroPartsHouse Tech Tips by Volvo Mechanics
India Overland An Adventure in a 1967 Volvo Amazon Estate by two students
Amazon Cars Volvo Amazon Specialists UK, Parts and Services, cars for sale
Cross Country Resources Reviews and Forums about the V70XC
Volvo Web Ring   Volvo Lovers Web Ring, over 100 links
Accident Stories
Vclassics USA   The Best Classic Volvo Web Site - Contents
Vclassics USA   The Best Classic Volvo Web Site - Technical Archives
Royalty Auto Services  450 Volvo Links
Project Volvo PV658 Restoration of a 1933 Volvo by Tommie Bjorkman
VROM World biggest Volvo meeting in Sweden is a German performance site with good photos and links
Vintage Performance Developments  Performance for older Volvos
VPTuning USA based Performance Volvo Club for modern Volvos
KGTrimning Swedish Volvo Performance for all Volvo Models
Vclassics USA   Classic Volvo Link page - Clubs, Part suppliers, Enthusiasts
Bulletin Boards   Volvo Bulletin Boards Link Page by Volvo Adventures NZ
Volvo Club of Queensland - Australia
Volvo Club of Victoria - Australia
Volvo Car Club of NSW - Australia
Volvo Owners Club UK  The World's most comprehensive Volvo Club Site
Volvo Club of South Africa
Volvo Club Argentina
Volvo Club Brasil
Volvo Classic Club Belgium
Russian Volvo Club
Volvo Club Chile
Volvo Clubs    by 164 Club Sweden. The best World Club Link Page
Volvo Link Page    by 164 Club Sweden - The best all Volvo models Link Page
Stuart Innes Volvo Australian Volvo Racing Photos   Dutch Classic Volvo Link Page
Moscow 2000 Trophy 90 Classic Volvos on tour to Moscow and Helsinki
Commercial Chassis PV455 and P210, excellent photos and information
Canadian Volvo 142S in Targa Tasmania 2001 an Adventure by Doug Mepham
CVOLVO Canadian Volvo site by Cameron Price, Amazon restoration project
Volvo Laplander Off Road Volvo vehicles by Stefan Keller
Anthony Hyde's Volvo Turbo World  240T and Australian Volvo Motorsport
Volvospeed Performance web site modern Volvos , parts, modifications
Swedespeed Volvo Enthusiasts site for modern Volvos and Volvo news
Volvo Klassiekers   Dutch site for classic Volvos, Amazon restorations - in Dutch
Volvo Sales Literature - For sale 1956 - 2006
Volvo Technical Data Sheets Technical data on hundreds of Volvo models
Volvo Race cars -  1959 - 2002 1999 - 2021