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The EVOLVOlution of a 144 Race Car - Part 2
by Club member Stuart Innes (Australia)

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3


Modification to my 144 to make it into a race car

These are some of following changes that have been made to take on old 144E wreck and make it into a race car to take to the race track in Australia;

Surgetank1.jpg (35906 bytes)
Photo 1
HIF6SUa.jpg (76589 bytes)
Photo 2
Dashboard1.jpg (73952 bytes)
Photo 3
144Roilcooler1.jpg (46009 bytes)
Photo 4
144Rfrbrake1.jpg (72954 bytes)
Photo 5
144R2seriestarter.jpg (68366 bytes)
Photo 6
144Engine2003a.jpg (112675 bytes)
Photo 7
Extractors1.jpg (53837 bytes)
Photo 8
144Rbellhouseing1.jpg (76068 bytes)
Photo 9
144Rbellhouseing4.jpg (54382 bytes)
Photo 10
144Rbellhouseing3.jpg (82841 bytes)
Photo 11
144Rbellhouseing2.jpg (85341 bytes)
Photo 12


B20E with 2.1 pistons using 1974 block, balanced, "D" type cam up one level called a "D plus", not a lot of extra kW but great torque (Nm) and reliable, regrind cam followers of course, balanced crank shaft and rods, completely clean and flush block, early model Mercedes oil cooler from square radiator model that is now bolted below radiator to leave as much air space as possible for cooling radiator (2 course), 740 thermo fan (cheap and easy to fit), out here cooling is everything. 200 series faster starter motor that is lighter and more efficient.

B20E Head; Shaved 2.0 mm off, double valve springs with custom made retainers, port and polish exhaust and inlet ports, "R" sport copy extractors for exhaust system, new custom made thermostat housing.

Photo 2 shows the HIF6 SU's that the 144R runs with BCK jets and electric fuel pumps and fuel pressure control adjuster, they bolted to a P1800 manifold using 3/8 BSW manifold bolts that need only to re-tap the existing holes without any need to drill, this provides a much stronger sealing pressure for the gasket and help maintain bolt strength under race conditions.

Custom made B20 2.1 head gasket, 55 amp alternator to keep 2 x electric fuel pumps going. Change manifold bolts to 3/8" as they are stronger and more reliable, wont snap during racing at the track creating more work, simply drill out manifold holes suite. 

Photo 7 shows engine being lifted back into car, you can see the custom oil line connector, thermostat housing and double valve spring retainer also "R" Sport copy extractors (Photo 8). Also Mercedes oil cooler attached under radiator (Photo 4) and 200 series quick starter motor. (Photo 6)


The standard M40 will do but if you have tracks with long straight that mechanical Toyota Celica 5th gear box gives the engine a rest as you travel that 1 km long main straight e.g.. Eastern Creek’s main straight is 1 km long. Heavy duty clutch and fork. Automatic transmission fluid to get into the synchro' ring when cold start. 
Photo's 9-12  show the Dellow bell housing that joins up steel case Celica box to back of B20.


The 200 series Rally Pack dash is excellent for the late model 140 dashboard as it contains all the instruments needed and fits up very quickly and easily. Just install oil pressure switch in block. Photo 3 shows 200 Series Rally Pack Dash and original early 140 Motolita steering wheel recovered in black suede.

Surge Tank

This is made from an old Fire extinguisher as it is cheap, strong, readily available and is already a pressurised vessel well inside the requirements of either carburettor or injection needs. Two electric fuel pumps will then be used to pump from main petrol tank to surge tank with return lines for excess fuel and fuel injection requirements as well as in-line fuel filter. Photo 1 shows Surge tank mounted in boot on rear wheel arch and shows in-line fuel filter and return lines.

Brakes Front & Rear

The brakes of the old 140 are an excellent item to begin with and require little modification, all that has been done here is to install the 164 hubs and vented disc's with competition pads and cut the backing plates away to allow more air, our 140 brakes are a strong point on the car as no one can out brake us around the tight twisty parts of the track, same goes for the modified suspension which is lowered around 80mm using Koni adjustable shocks and custom lowering springs. Nothing flash or expensive here but very efficient at race speed. Make sure you renew ALL flexible rubber hoses, use braided if your race governing body allows. Photo 5 shows 164 disc and calliper, cheap and very efficient.

Note : I will write some more modifications through out the year .


Stuart Innes


Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

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