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Volvo 123GT Production

Production figures wasn't Volvo strongest point and it is believed that around 1500 Volvo 123GTs were produced in 1967 and 1968 only.....

Although some claim that also 5000 were produced between 1969 and 1970 with 118bhp B20B engines, most likely they were only badged as 123GT but just the overdrive and trimmings distinguished it from the 122S saloon. Only GT colours available were Red, White and Dark Green.


Comment from Kjell Lindberg, Sweden
I am quite sure that also some very few 123GT cars were delivered in Metallic Blue. These cars are very sought after here in Sweden. 


Jerry Rogers, the owner of a 1969 registered 123GT with a B20B engine is researching the production figures and specification of the last 123GTs produced, please find his comments below.

Yes, I have seen that some have "claimed" that as many as 5,000 123 GTs were produced between 1969 and 1970, but believe that was based on fuzzy logic.  There were certainly some 123 GTs produced in 1969 model year in some markets (mostly Switzerland) and perhaps a few in 1970 too.  I have one that was first registered in Jan 1969 in Switzerland.  I also have a copy of a Volvo 1969 123 GT pamphlet printed in Switzerland in the French language.  I know the pamphlet is of the 1969 123 GT since it has a B20B engine.  As you know, the B20 engine was introduced with the 1969 model year.

I am not a "123 GT expert", but I did buy a 123 GT new in 1968 and drove it for 12 years.  I currently have a 1969 123 GT that I have owned for nearly a year.  This car was originally registered in Switzerland in Jan 1969. 

I have over the years accumulated many bits and pieces of information about this model and offer the following for your review and comment by all addressees.  Please let me know if you disagree with anything I am providing.

Here is what Mikael at CVI recently wrote:  "In the Volvo Parts catalogue for P130/P220 (B20) the type "GT" is not referred to.  Instead they called it "Spec Utf 5314" which means "Special Utförande 5314", which in English translates to "Special Edition (or type) 5314".  These are extremely rare as a matter of fact. In 10 years of trading in the UK I never saw a single example: when I moved the operation to Sweden in 1996 I saw one example (strangely enough a RHD one, dark green 1970 model) in somebody's garage, not currently registered. Since then I have been told about the Swiss situation."

I think it may be helpful to review just what makes up a 123 GT.  See the table below.  In the first column I have listed the "extras" found on the 1967/68 123 GT that set it apart from the 122S.  In the second column I have shown those things that by 1969 were also found on the 122S.  In the last column I show what was unique on the 1969 123 GT.

The following footnotes apply to the spreadsheet:

* According to Anders Ditlev Clausager in his book, "Essential Volvo 120 Series and 1800", in the South African market where the 123 GT was not marketed the B18B (115 HP) engine was available in both 4 door sedans and station wagons as the 122S-B18B model.

** By 1968 the collapsing steering wheel and brake servo were standard on other models.

*** Although the 123 GT model is not found in the 1969 parts catalog, it is clear that it was available as a "Special Edition or Type 5314.  In addition, at least in Switzerland it was marketed as 123 GT.

As we know, all of the 1969 Amazons had the following new or additional features besides the B20 engine:  dual circuit brake system, alternator, locking steering wheel with ignition on the steering column, improved brake servo, laminated windshield.  Likewise, there were a number of trim features that were removed from the 1969 Amazons:  chrome hood nose strip, chrome rain gutter trim, chrome on emergency brake handle, chrome bumper guards, door pockets, arm rest in rear seat.  The 1969 123 GTs were also lacking these trim items although at least in Switzerland, the chrome bumper guards were included on the 1969 123 GT.

I hope this helps answer your questions and suggest that you post it to your Amazon list.  Again, please let me know if you have questions or comments.


Unique to 67-68 On 1969 123 GT Unique to 1969
123 GT But Not Unique 123 GT ***
1.8 Litre (115 HP) B18B Engine * 2.0 Litre (118 HP) B20B Engine  
Type Designation Starting w/ 133 Type Designation Starting w/ 133  
Overdrive   Overdrive
Tachometer   Tachometer
Unique Dash   Unique Dash
Driving/Fog Lights with covers   Driving/Fog Lights with covers
Fender Mirrors   Fender Mirror(s)
Alternator Alternator  
Collapsing Steering Column ** Collapsing Steering Column  
Servo Assisted Brakes ** Servo Assisted Brakes  
Belted Radial (Pirelli Cinturato) Tires ? ?
1800S Suspension   ?
Unique Steering Wheel   Unique Steering Wheel
Engine & Trunk Lights   Engine & Trunk Lights
Under Dash Light Under Dash Light  
Limited Slip Differential   ?
Fully Reclining Front Seats   Fully Reclining Front Seats
Chrome Fittings on Front Seats   Chrome Fitting on Front Seats
Laminated Windshield Laminated Windshield  
"Special" Windshield Wipers "Special" Windshield Wipers  
Chrome Exhaust Extension   Chrome Exhaust Extension
Chrome Wheel Beauty Rings   Chrome Wheel Beauty Rings
Louder Horn   ?
Unique Fender & Trunk Badges   Unique Fender & Trunk Badges © 1999 - 2021