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Jonas' 122-B23-Turbo Project
by Club member Jonas Töreskog - Sweden

This car is owned and was built by Jonas Töreskog in Sweden since 1995. At first it was a daily transport for work but 2001 the "fast and original look" ;- ) started. 

The body is more or less standard. Nothing has been modified on the outside. 

But on the inside .........


Front brake ventilated discs from the 940 and callipers from a 240. Rear axel from a 244, 1031 Dana differential. Front axel, original Amazon. Gearbox BMW 5-speed Getrag 265, adjustable Fourlink , Innovate WideBand Lambda, Catchtank and Bosch 044pump in the trunk.

In this car there have been many different engines, at first a B18 75hp then B20 bored 2.1L and 2 SU carburettors 100hp.

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Next one was a B23 Turbo engine Dellorto carburettors, Garret T3 turbo and M46 Gearbox. This engine produced around 230 hp. This years best time on the quarter mile was 14.3 secs with rather original specification of engine and suspension.

Then we tried a B230 low comp 7:5 Holset turbo from a truck (Volvo of course) , Iveco truck intercooler, Computer aided Autronic fuel injection, No distributor - WasteFire, Home made intake and exhaust manifolds with double Wastegates and moore... This is the engine we run at the movie, at least 400hp.

One day my wife borrowed this car for weekly shopping, but she didn’t like it because it was too loud, she said, "Too loud"? There is a 3" racing exhaust system with two mufflers!!! Then I asked her if she thought the car was fast? Well I don’t know, there was a lot of smoke behind the car when I pulled the gas on the 3rd gear and it tried to turn by itself. No I don’t like it.

Burn rubber?

And now finally (2005) there is an 16v under construction, I will use the same turbo (holset HX40) and Autronic injection, much better flow in this 16v head and I want 100hp more.


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