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21 Aug 2023 - 1933 Volvo PV655 -

Photos supplied by Tage Johansson, Sweden.

MAY 2023 - THE VOLVO CLUB OF B.C.-  Newsletter
20 Nov 2022 - Volvo Amazon Sommer coupé. Ole Sommer was running Denmark’s largest Volvo dealership.
20 Sept 2022 - Xavier Theriault bought a 1969 Volvo 144 in 2018. Just three years later he decided it’s time for the trip of a lifetime. He took the old car on a journey similar to that of the Trans Canadian Railway ...
30 Aug 2022 - 122s rally project by Tage Johansson Sweden
25 Aug 2022 - Gallery Photos by Tage Johansson during VROM 2022 Sweden
25 Aug 2022 - This PV60 was discovered in 2010 and has only recorded 11900 km. For sale for 25000 Euro in Sweden. Photo by Tage Johansson during VROM 2022
13 May 2022 - THE VOLVO CLUB OF B.C. MAY 2022 Newsletter always interesting articles, in this issue the ‘Flying Sikh’ of Kenya.  Born on 9 February 1932 in Kericho, Kenya, Sardar Joginder Singh Bhachu was a living legend who was popularly known as the ‘Flying Sikh’ of Kenya. He had no motorsports experience until he was 26, but made up for his late start by eventually ac ........
1 Oct 2021 - Volvo Museum Historic Videos

Volvo Museum Sweden website
10 Feb 2021 - Volvo Amazon Estate (220) Service vehicle used as service vehicle for Swedish racing driver Jo Bonnier in the 1960s
Photo: Classic & Sports car mag Feb 2021
25 Jan 2021 - Volvo Club British Columbia - V.C.B.C. NEWSLETTER: January 2021, always interesting reading
2 Jan 2021 - New Volvo P1800 Cyan review - Pictures of the new Volvo P1800 Cyan
8 Sept 2020 - Volvo Club British Columbia - V.C.B.C. NEWSLETTER: SEPTEMBER 2020, always interesting reading
29 Jul 2020 - 1993 Volvo 240 wagon Electric conversion. Built 2010/2011
Motor: WarP 9 9-inch DC electric motor purpose-built for electric cars
Batteries: Sky Energy LiFePO (Lithium Iron Phosphate) prismatic cells - 45 in total for a nominal voltage of 144 volts. Transmission: Volvo M45 (4-speed manual) - clutchless. Range: 70 km max, .........
20 Jul 2020 - True Hero Swapped a Volvo Amazo Wagon body onto a BMW E30 In his driveway - great article with photos.
142GT 8 Oct 2019 - Volvo 142GT Updated information by Glenn Cowderoy, Australia
18 June 2018 - P1800 About two years and it was a complete nut-and-bolt rebuild. I was living in Prague at the time and had someone in Doncaster pull it apart. I flew to Doncaster and spent about a month helping put it back together. It was in a million pieces (the shell had just been dipped).
3 Jan 2018 -  The Flying Brick - Group A Volvo 240T as published in Dec 2016 issue of New Zealand Autocar magazine. Text Mark Petch, photos Dylan Petch.
8 Dec 2017 -  Volvo 142s 1968 left hand drive, imported in 1972. – For Sale in Christchurch, New Zealand. Classic race car, goes really well 4wheel disc brakes are factory. Brand new 45 webers when built. Has log book. Wheels are Bathurst globes good tyres done 2 meetings. .......
26 Aug 2017

Photos of VROM meetings, Sweden from 2005 - 2015, by Tage Johansson
11 July 2017 -  Tribute to IPD's Founder Richard Gordon - Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car Feb 2015 and republished in VCBC newsletter May 2017. Check them out:
4 Jan 2017 -  Patrice Ryder bought his 122S in Brisbane in 1993, then was shipped to France around 1998, layed in his garden near Avignon for a couple of years before a full restauration/renovation. Engine was blue printed by French specialist from the 60’s Gerard Lepron who raced ....
2 Jan 2017 -  This USA Volvo Racing Car was found several years ago by its current owner. At the time, it was unclear who had created the body. Some believed it was from Devin while others suggested it was a Byers body. It has a custom tubular frame, running gear from a Volvo 444
7 Oct 2016 - Fifty-three years ago, a small group of Americans each put a deposit down on new Volvo P1800 and patiently waited for their Anglo-Swedish coupés to arrive. They were blissfully unaware of the dramatic events occurring on the other side of the Atlantic.
4 Sept 2016  - 60 years Volvo Amazon
26 Aug 2016

Photos of VROM meeting Sweden 2016, by Tage Johansson
11 May 2016 - Jo and June Worth ( Mother and Daugther Team XENA68 ) will take part in the 2016 Shanghai - London Rallye in the 1968 Amazon next month, they join 7 other classic volvos - PV544, 122, 122GT, 142 and 164. Peking to Paris rallye.
Team XENA68 Volvo Amazon Adventures
Team XENA68 Facebook
Volvo122S Racecar for Sale VOLVO 122 S Amazon RACE CAR for Sale in New Zealand
This is a classic 1965 Amazon racecar.

This car has been SOLD and exported to USA
Rolling Australia is the magazine for the Volvo Clubs of Victoria, South Australia (including Western Australia), New South Wales, Sunshine State Volvo Club and Volvo 1800/120 Club of Australia. Rolling is a fantastic magazine well worth reading every 2 months with reports from all clubs. The Volvo Club of Victoria is the largest club with over 300 members and Greg Sievert, the then Editor, started this magazine 15 years ago. The clubs are well supported by Volvo Dealers and Volvo importer.
For more Information about the Australian Volvo clubs:
Check out this list of "Members Cars" from all over the World.
2 March 2015 - Cameron Lovre's blog about the work they are doing on a PV444 in preparation for La Carrera Panamericana road race 2016
21 Jan 2015 - My ex-old Amazon project is for sale again, fully refreshed and ready top take on another Shanghai-London trip.

Check out the listing on NZ TradeMe Here (SOLD)
1 Jan 2015 - Happy NewYear from Sweden
19 Nov 2014 - The 100% electric Volvo 240 GL Classic Electric. Built as a tribute to the legendary Volvo 240 model.
Links; (English) (Dutch)

18 Nov 2014 - First time Targa NZ pairing Jo and June Worth have joined the Targa South Island as a practice run for competing further afield over the next two years. Daughter Jo, from Auckland, is the driver with mum (June) navigating and giving the directions in a beautiful classic Volvo 122S sedan.

15 July 2014 -  My ex-old Amazon project on its second Shanghai-London trip at the Russia/Estonia border stop  .....   More
9 July 2014 -  A look at the Zagato-designed Volvo GTZ and GTZ3000   .....   More
2 July 2014 -  Volvo celebrated the 50th anniversary of its Torslanda, Sweden, factory. Known as Torslandaverken (Torslanda Works in Swedish), the plant was inaugurated on April 24th, 1964, .....   More

15 June 2014 - Volvo 144TE in South Africa for Sale         More
5 June 2014 - Volvo Technical Data Sheets & Road Test videos 
Technical data on hundreds of Volvo models   More
2 Sept 2014 - 60 years ago: Volvo launches the Duett, its first station wagon.    More
20 Aug 2013 - Pictures from VROM 2013, 2012 & 2010 Volvo Rendezvous for Owners & Members - Sweden, supplied by Tage Johansson.    More
12 May 2013 - Follow Andrew White & Ashley Yelds in the 1961 Volvo 122S as they head to 2nd place in Early Classic! Awesome classic engine notes and some great driving! -   More
3 April 2013 - Photo gallery of the Bilsport CustomShow, Sweden - by Tage Johansson More
23 Dec - Photo Gallery of VROM 2012 by Tage Johansson, Sweden.
Volvo Rendezvous for Owners & Members 2012 More
2 June - In 2012 the White/Yelds 1961 Volvo 122S was again entered in the world’s longest and most demanding Classic Tarmac Rally. This car was first entered in 2009 after being built by the crew with help  .... More in .pdf
24 March 2012 - The Volvo that I saw Des Redgewell running at Pukekohe in 2006 is an Australian limited edition called 242GT, like the one that Pete McKay ran at Bathurst, not the turbo version. Production ran .... More
31 Dec 2011 - How to convert a mechanical climate control to an elctronic climate control on a Volvo 740 / 940. More
31 Aug 2011 - A new Picasa photo gallery with over 1000 Volvo images. Also A gallery of P1800 Volvos taken by Tage Johansson (Sweden) at the Sports car show today "Hofsnäs Herrgård" P 1800 Club of Sweden . More
Volvo 5 Cylinder engines 21 May 2011 - A list of Volvo 5 cylinder engine codes..1997 - 2006. More
3 May 2011 - The son and father pairing of Paul and Mike Batten had a strong run on the 20th Anniversary Targa Tasmania in their 1961 Volvo PV544, but a fuel issue on the Cethana stage  .... More
25 Jan 2011 - Volvo C70T5 Convertible is hardly something to be picked up on a whim. But it does give you both the topless thrills of a convertible and the sleek hardtop of a coupe, all in one likable package. .... More
1 Oct 2010 - Introduced in 2009, R-Design equipment gives the V50 a sporting, performance-oriented edge, pushing the envelope in the compact sportswagon class. It's dressed with a unique grille with matte silver surround and R-Design logo ..... More
9 Sept 2010 - Just prior to the start of that season, Volvo dropped a proverbial bombshell on the racing world with the unveiling of its TWR -prepped Volvo 850T5R estate race-car and its subsequent ..... More
VROM 2010 22 Aug 2010 - Pictures from VROM 2010 Volvo Rendezvous for Owners & Members - Sweden, supplied by Tage Johansson, P1900, Amazon, PV544, Cabriolet, PV444 B21 Turbo  ..... More
Click for more 28 July 2010 - The 1960s and 1970s were exciting motoring times in Southern Africa. A booming economy and the development of a motor manufacturing industry in South Africa and the arrival at ..... More
21 July 2010 - A guide to a selection of the most popular classic Volvo's, authored by Chris Rowlands. Since the first car rolled off of the production line in 1927 Volvo has gone from strength to strength ..... More
6 July 2010 - This unusual 1992 Volvo 965 16v Turbo with vinyl roof was a special edition only for the Italian market. The enginge (B204FT) is only on 2 Liters because of the Italian taxes (every car engine over 2 liters ..... More
7 May 2010 - Twenty-seven year-old Paul Batten, has driven a 39 year-old car to Handicap honours at Targa Tasmania 2010 in his 1961 Volvo PV544. Batten, with father Mike calling the notes, produced ..... More
Click for more 2 May 2010 - At first I was considering the S80 or S60 as the next car, but one day I was browsing through Turners Auction and this S90 Executive caught my attention. Knowing how rare these cars are I was  ..... More
20 March 2010 - Outback Tracks and Highways the adventures in a Volvo 142DL by Erik and Elisabeth Ullner between 1991 and 1995. Great reading and also links to photo album with great images  ..... More
7 March 2010 - In Växjö, Sweden, many heads turn when the red Volvo 142 quietly glides past. The vehicle is converted to electrical operation by the pensioner Kjell Ekelund. The battery-powered Volvo 142 ..... More
18 Feb 2010 - Photos of this 1987 Volvo 240 series with 1 (242) door on the driver's side (left hand drive) and 2 (244) doors on the passenger side appeared on the internet recently. So is it a Volvo 243 ?  ..... More
21 Jan 2010 - A group of Dutch Volvo Classic car owners is organising a South American Adventure for Dec 2011 - Jan 2012. The trip is already fully booked (75) with teams from The Netherlands, Germany, ..... More
2009 Targa Tasmania 6 Nov 2009 - 2009 Targa Tasmania Diary Car #222 – Volvo 122S. We made it to the Prologue today – not without some last minute dramas. The new* car is feeling very strong, and we managed a quite respec ..... More
2009 Targa Tasmania Volvo 122S 12 Oct 2009 -  Building a new 2009 Targa Tasmania 122S. After five years that have seen three top ten classic handicap finishes in the world’s greatest tarmac rally the White/Yelds ex-works Volvo 122 is to be given  ..  More
28 Aug 2009 - Volvo PV544 Rally - The car is originally from France it’s where it was first registered, then came to Spain to Girona for two years and then I bought it from Lerida (Catalonia, Spain). The car was  ....   More
Volvo 240T Flathood 28 July 2009 - Volvo 240T Flathood – A Brief Overview. Between the years of 1981 and '85, Volvo produced turbocharged versions of their popular 240-series cars. In 1983, a set of these cars was entered in the ..  More
5 June 2009 - ABS light on ? Most likely that your ABS controller is faulty. A new unit is very expensive, however in most cases repair of the controller is possible at a fraction of the cost, especially if you can  ...  More
12 May 2009 - This is a retro GT car with original looks but modern performance of a Volvo 4.4L V8 engine. We redid the whole body while trying to keep the fine lines of the Classic Volvo P1800  ...  More
Targa 2009 8 May 2009 - Another Good Targa for the Batten Volvo PV544. A couple of years ago I threatened not to take the Volvo back to Targa Tasmania. At the time my car was being overshadowed by the introduction of the ...  More
Modified P1800 8 Oct 2008 - This red 1964 Modified P1800 is for sale in USA, a very interesting and well done modification in my opinion, giving this P1800 a different look, well worth to check out the photos.  ...  More
15 Sept 2008 - In a search for parts for my 86 780C Bertone tdic I found this 87 Bertone 780C for only 1500€… So took it home. An original Belgian car. It still has everything standard except the radio that seems to be ...  More
Volvo S60T5 - click for more 8 Aug 2008 - My Volvo S60T5 was the top model, with a 2.3-liter high pressure turbo version inline five-cylinder engine, a healthy 250 horsepower with commendable fuel economy. There is now also a 300 hp ...  More
Police Cars in Denmark 21 July 2008 -   A Photo Gallery of classic Danish Volvo Police cars by Lars Nielsen ...  More
17 June 2008 -   Father and son team Mike and Paul Batten in their early classic Volvo PV544 finished second in the Targa Tasmania Shannons Early Classic Competition. The team had a thrilling battle with eventual ...  More
20 April 2008 -  On my 18th birthday, my dad took me to the garage to choose my birthday present. For me it was pretty simple, on one side I had a late 80´s Volvo 240 and on the other a 1967 Volvo 144S (both cars ..  More
Click for more 18 Oct 2007 -  VROM 2007 - Volvo Rendezvous for Owners & Members - Sweden, a photo gallery of this year's meeting - photos supplied by Swedish member Tage Johansson ..  More
Click for more 23 Aug 2007 -  The front-wheel drive V70 Classic Estate (1997-2000) is really a second-generation 850. The exterior of the V70 has a softer styling than its predecessor, but still carried a strong Volvo identity including the ...  More
Click for more 9 July 2007 - My 1800ES is in pristine condition overall, runs fabulous and does not leak or drink a drop of oil even after 107,000 odd miles. I only drive it on beautiful days, taking the step grandkids with me. I also place ...  More
Click for more 2 May 2007 - On Mt Arrowsmith (SS 41) our PV544 started in front of the White/Yelds Volvo 122. They drove very well and beat us by 18 seconds. Glen Ridge started behind both of us and now has a high regard for  ...  More
Click for more 26 April 2007 - My father bought this 780C Bertone, after I managed to get it for an "ok" price. There where a lot of things to fix on it, we got the PVR-6 swapped for a B230FT we picked up in Sweden. Also a lot of co ...  More
Click for more 15 April 2007 - Feedback Mick Cook - Fuel Pressure Relay - Have had intermittent start probs for a few months. A good second hand heavy duty battery righted that for several weeks - then the "I'm not going anywhere" hit.
Had already stocked up on a good tank and pressure pumps
Click for more 5 April 2007 - My 780C Bertone Diesel Turbo is a very fine car, comfortable, luxurious ... safe transport everywhere you want to go. It had 3 owners before me, and they all treated it well. But there are still lots.  More
Robbie Francevic Volvo 240T 21 December 2006 - Robbie Francevic and Championship winning Volvo 240T an article published earlier by NZ Classic Car Magazine and kindly offered to VA  visitors. This is a 994kB .pdf file Download Here
Click for action 9 November 2006 - Four years ago co-driver Bob Pettitt and I joined the line of competition cars awaiting the Bass Strait ferry. It was the fulfillment of a © 1999 - 2023